Healthy Eating Habits

What Types of Foods Should You Eat Every Day?

There is an everlasting question these days: what types of foods should you eat every day? Everyone has their answer to this question, and some go a little overboard with it. So is there an answer?

Yes, there is an answer. However, it might not surprise most people or give any new information. Most of the foods people should eat are foods that we know are important.

When choosing, preparing, and eating the foods below, be healthy and smart about it. No matter how healthy a good food is, it can go to waste with improper preparation techniques. Just look at over-boiled broccoli!

Leafy Greens (Broccoli!)

Spinach, broccoli, and, yes, that oh so trendy kale. Then you have Bok Choy, cabbage, and collard greens. Any leafy green is included in this list.

Why? Because they are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and everything the body needs. They help to maintain various parts of the body and keep everything in check. Mental health, organ functions, lowered risk of diseases, and keeping the body in good condition are all benefits of leafy greens.

They are easy to prepare, too. Bake, steam, sauté, grill, or cook in your favorite way. You can even eat them raw, in salads or with sauces or alone. Just remember not to overcook them, a common problem people have with some leafy greens. Cooked properly, these are delicious parts of any diet.


Oatmeal is a popular breakfast food and has been for a long time. Sure, it tastes good, but people are realizing that it can make the body feel good, too.

High in fiber and nutrients, oats are a great way to keep the body regular and in good condition. It helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol while assisting in weight loss for those trying to lose a few pounds.

The best thing about oats is that you can serve it your way. Add to the health points with fresh fruit or yogurt, or make a savory version of oats. Oats are a blank canvas full of delicious potential.

Lean Protein

Lean protein comes in many shapes. There is the chicken, beef, eggs, and fish many know and eat, as well as the soy that some may overlook. Whether you love meat or are a strict vegan, lean protein is a necessity in your diet.

Protein has reparative properties that help the body to rebuild and strengthen. It is why bodybuilders consume so much – it is crucial for their body to heal and grow.

Eat eggs, soybeans, tofu, chicken, or whatever else you like. The point is, eat lean protein. Fat has its place, but lean protein is healthiest for the body.


Go grab a bowl of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or other kinds of berries. Berries are high in fiber and vitamins, helping your body to stay healthy.

With the antioxidants from berries, it is possible to slow down physical and mental aging as well as prevent major diseases, including cancer. The body can stay young and healthy forever, or at least for longer.

So, what types of foods should you eat every day? Fresh produce and lean proteins. Throw in some nuts, seeds, legumes, and yogurt, and you have yourself a good diet. These foods offer the nutrition your body needs to work at its best and stay that way.




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